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Keyword Research - Always Be Honest With Your Clients
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Keyword Research - Always Be Honest With Your Clients

Freelance SEO Consultant, Web Designer and Internet Marketer.

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Its amazing how often I’m met with resistance when it comes to clients asking me to optimize their websites for a million and one keywords. Im not sure why this is so common, however it seems that clients have this belief that more keywords must simply mean more traffic and more money. This isnt always the case of course. Ive met with a lot of clients that wouldn’t even know what a keyword was, but that’s another story.

When it comes to keyword obsession though, I don’t know how many times Ive seen it. Its typically a scribbled on piece of paper or a 10MB excel spreadsheet on a USB stick that gets handed to me during a client meeting or consultation.

“Here you go John, all the keywords we want you to work on are here...” 

Most clients, typically want to rank for every keyword possible.

I get back to the office, then find myself sifting through 1,000,000,000 keywords for 3 days. Needless to say 99% of the keywords that they’ve chosen are completely worthless and are discarded.

Which brings me to raise a few points.

Firstly, dishonest SEO firms. A lot of SEO organisations play on this. You see, I know that many SEO firms understand that clients wouldn’t know a good keyword from a bad one – meaning, one might attract a great deal of search volume, whilst another might not. They play on this, and leverage it to their advantage, with sales pitches that go something like this ….

“Give us 20 keywords and we GUARANTEE you first page for at least 5 of them”.

What they fail to tell you is that the five keywords that rank, might be completely useless – they might only receive a handful of searches a month, which is totoally pointless. Of course the client may not know this, which doesn’t really matter. The SEO firm has fulfilled their obligation, gets paid and leaves the client then wondering where on earth all their “supposed” traffic is.

Secondly, more keywords doesn’t mean more anything. It just means exactly that – more keywords. Does this essentially mean more traffic? Perhaps, but in most cases, probably not. Does this mean more work? Yes, which means more time, more money and more expenses.

You see, the more keywords mentality is a lost cause. Seriously. It’s a complete waste of time. What a client needs to understand, is that its only worth investing time towards relevant keywords that have sufficient search volume which can bring targeted leads, and of course, sales.

Stop worrying about how long your keyword list is.

This is where its about educating your clients. By this I don’t mean giving them an hour and a half lesson on the ins and outs of keyword research, but moreso, giving them the opportunity to see the difference between a good keyword and a bad one. Once they understand the differences, they will appreciate you saving them time and money – and that is powerful. You have gained immense trust, and built immediate credibility. This goes a long way in business, believe me.

So remember, when your client hands you a list of keywords as long as your arm, be honest with them. Show them which keywords are the ones worth targeting and which arent. It will ensure your client is happy and it will make your job a whole lot easier.

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Gary Ruplinger
Freelance SEO Consultant, Web Designer and Internet Marketer.

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